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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Arabic Language

Arabic Language

This is our prized course, we have taught over hundreds and hundres of students over the years. Currently have students from all over the world studying various levels in our institute and via our online facility. Hence we have developed a very effective and powerful method to enable non Arabic speakers achieve the most out of their time, effort and learning. We also have a lot of students coming from other institutes to us. We are becoming a well known and highly respected institute in delivering Arabic Language, especially Fussa. 

Once students  study Fussha, they will be able to embark upon number of paths... whether its studying further education within Arabian Universities or studying the classical/Islamic books, as well as live a life in an Arab country and benefit from all it has to offer. 

We offer make your group class (be it between family, friends, etc)

We have different courses available at different levels. 

Our future students do not have to have any particular knowledge of Arabic Language prior to enrolling with us, that said those that have studied Arabic to whatever level they will be then admitted into a classes appropreat to their level. 

We offer Arabic Language (Fussa) for Beginers. 

We offer special group classes to those who just wish to study Grammer, Sarf, Balaaga

For starting date please contact the institute, however we have an opportunity every month to enroll.

Books we teach from

Just to name a few of the popular books we teach from: 

‘Arabiya Bayna Yadayk’ the most popular langugage book in Egypt which is excellent for speech,

‘Kitab Al Asaasy’ another brilliant book more geared around grammer.

‘Silsilit ibn Sauood’ an overall and all around excellent language book.

‘Kitab Al Madina’ another grammer oriantated book.

‘Ajrumiya’, 'ibn Sauood' and ‘Nahu Al Wadhi’ - Grammer/Nahu

'Shadaa Al-Arf شذا العرف', 'ibn Sauood' and 'As-sarf al-Kaafi' - Sarf

'Balaaga waadiha' and 'Miftahul Balaaga' - Balaaga

Our group courses are broken down into 8 levels, each lasting 4 weeks and consisting of 60 classroom hours.


Level  1                       60 hours

Level  2                       60 hours


Level  3                       60 hours

Level  4                       60 hours


Level  5                       60 hours

Level  6                       60 hours


Level  7                       60 hours

Level  8                       60 hours

The Beginner course is designed to enable the student to:

Correctly pronounce the sounds of the Arabic Language. Understand the basic grammatical structures. Describe what is seen and observed in short sentences and phrases. Engage in conversations that deal with familiar topics and daily life situations. Cohesively write short paragraphs on a single topic. Understand simple texts and form simple questions and answers.

The Intermediate course is designed to enable the student to:

Understand short conversations and dialogues. Apply grammatical rules in producing various correct sentences that reflect a wide range of vocabulary. Participate in a conversation involving two or more people. Observe and respond to questions. Write a composition on familiar topics using sentences and short phrases. Comprehend the meaning of new vocabulary from the context.

The Upper-intermediate course is designed to enable the student to:

Understand discourse of the spoken language on various topics that include dialogues, newspaper headlines, and descriptions of characters, places, and things in various time frames. Comprehend the semantic and syntactic relations between sentences. Understand various texts in form and content. Express viewpoints and exchange information and experience. Write compositions on different topics. Comment on events with some amount of fluency.

The Advanced course is designed to enable the student to:

Understand conversation at normal speed; recorded programs from the radio and TV; different varieties of topics and interviews. Use grammatically correct speech, including accurate expression of opinions. Use a wide range of vocabulary. Have an accurate understanding of various long texts, specialized and non-specialized. Comprehend complex sentences, metaphoric expressions and the cultural aspect of the text.