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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Our Programs
Our courses are available in our centre, home tutoring (anywhere within Cairo only) and online. We have female and male teachers to teach our respective students. Our Classes are Segregated.

Regular program:
We offer regular classes from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday as holiday, except for private students. This is based in our centre. Teaching time from 8am-4pm. Between our teaching time, we offer several slots, consisting of 3 hours each. Our full time programs run for 3 hours each day, 5 days a week, a total of 15 hrs teaching time per week. 

Short/Gap courses:
We recognise that many foreign students have opportunities to study during gap year or academic gaps, hence we have developed special arrangments for such students to gain vast knowledge from their journey in persuing Arabic Language or other Islamic sciences. Please contact the institute for more details... 'our contact details can be found in our home page'

Due to an immense need of knowledge abroad, we have developed special courses to enable abroad students to gain knowledge without having to travel. From the comfort of their homes, they are able to access vast arrays of language and religious courses. In fact, all our courses are being offered via skype and other online methods; once again to all age groups. We also provide both private and group online classes. Please contact the institute for fee and other details. 

We offer three main type of classes:

Group - Our group classes consist of maximum of 7 students. We also offer tailor made group classes for a group of friends/family.  

Private - This is our one to one service as well as private group/family programs. The rate for this tends to be slightly higher as it is designed specifically for you. 

Two-to-One - This is one of our very popular class between husband and wife and friends, as it is also more affordable.

Please visit our 'Fee' section for more info.