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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Al-Qalam Institute
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Here is a list of our student services and information. 

Hotel Booking:

We will book hotel rooms on behalf of our upcoming students who wish to study in our Institue. However, once the hotel is booked, students carry the responsability of paying and taking care of all the bills. Throughout we offer constant free advices to our students to enable them an easy transition from their home land.   

We offer this service for free.

Airport Pickup:

If required we are more than happy to go and pick you up from the airport, for this service we charge  100 Egyptian Pounds.


We understand that new students in a foregn land will be completly lost and hopeless, specially to do with foreign laws and regulation and etc. Hence, we do our utmost to ensure that our students are not in such situation that may distract them from learning. For this, we offer a very realiable service, and we have offered the same satisfactory service to so many of our students. 

We will be with the student/s throughout the beginning of their house hunting; to even getting the last and final bits and bobs to feel at home. A guranteed and a honest service. We pride our services upon honesty and only our students to testify our moto.

For this service we charge a fee of: 850  Egyptian Pounds, one of payment, upfront.

Our students are responsible for their financial affairs to do with housing. We will negotiate the best possible deal for your, we will take care of all the affairs all you have to do is, select what house is suitable for you and sign on the dotted line. And, throughout your stay in Egypt we will assist you in all your house affairs to do with the law and state-agents, for free. 

Advices and Guidance:

From the moment you contact us - till you return home from your study with us... we will be here for you to advise you and guide you in whatever we can and specially through your stay in Egypt. So do not feel alien nor worry about any foreign affairs.

We offer this service for free to our students. 

Summer trip:

We offer so many different summer/gap trips; see the wonders of Egypt, in all its location... 

Depending upon the trip, we may charge a small fee. Please contact us.

Egypt also has many sporting clubs, some of which accept temporary memberships. Those who live in Rihaab city can benefit from a sports club at a reasonable price during their stay. 

There are also places that offer swimming for children, adults and women within travelling distance and male and female segregated gyms. 

Cairo also has many parks and playgrounds for the general public.

Schooling in Egypt:

Children can find schooling options for all ages. There are many nurseries for young children and many established Quran schools which accept children from about three years onwards. These Quran schools are popular amongst those who are staying for two years or so and although they focus on the Quran, most of these centres also teach the Arabic language and other subjects. 

Children can also study within the Egyptian private school system which offers various different paths. There are international schools which are identical to those found in the UK, France, Germany and the US. There are language schools which teach Science, Maths and English in the English language or in French etc... These schools run the Egyptian curriculum but generally add to the teaching of English/French to raise its standard. There are also special language Azhari Schools that incorporate the Azhari methodology within the language school environment.